Toe Rings

As the weather begins to get warmer it’s time to start digging out those sandals and flip flops. While a pedicure enables our feet to start looking their best again, why not finish off a look in real style and with extra sparkle. Toe rings are back in fashion, and this time they’re luxurious. Sterling silver or white gold toe rings are seriously on trend at the moment, and good jewelers have designed some key pieces which are set to be huge. Toe rings are rings worn on the toes, and are now quite popular in the Western World. They are worn as an accessory to dress up the feet, and usually work best with open toed shoes. Historically, in parts of India, toe rings, called bichiya were and are still worn by married women to signify their attached state. They are sold in sets, made of silver, and worn on both the left and right toes next to the big toes.

Toe rings have a rich history, and have been adapted into a modern way to spruce up sandals. There are many different places to purchase them, online and at retail stores, and with such a variety of types of rings, anybody can purchase this jewelry to fit their budget, male or female. Toe rings are often made out of acrylic, plastic, silver, gold, or platinum. Many times they are decorated, with either precious gemstones, or simple designs and decals. Traditionally worn on the second toe, the average woman will wear a size three or four. Men commonly wear a size five or six. As with regular rings, to measure your size simply wrap a band of paper around the desired digit, and then measure the circumference in inches or millimeters. Care of this jewelry is simple, but you must wash the bands every time you remove it, because dirt can collect, especially if you are wearing sandals.

Toe Ring with Cubic Zirconia in Sterling Silver

Dragonfly Toe Ring with Cubic Zirconia in Sterling Silver

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Toe ring is a very popular piece of jewelry. The toe rings can draw attention to an area that the person wants to show off, maybe because she really likes her shoes or how her feet look. Whether worn in silver or gold, metal or non-metal material, the toe ring is now an essential to most wardrobes, both men and women. This trendy item can be found in fashion stores as well as high-end jewelers. Whether you wear them for fun or to make a fashion statement, find the style that fits your personality and wear your toe ring with confidence.