Toddler Easter Dresses

Easter is a celebration with loved ones often noted with egg hunts, family dinners and chocolate candies. For toddlers, it is also a time to wear their Sunday best in the form of a pretty dress.

The holidays are wonderful for parents, who are able to deck out their toddler with a cute and classy Easter outfit for church services. Because the toddler years are so brief, a little girl’s Easter dress provides an excellent opportunity for taking photos, a moment to remember and share in the future. Shopping for special occasion clothing, like toddler Easter dresses, is one of the rewards of having a little girl.


With the advent of online commerce, finding perfect toddler Easter dressesis a cinch, and you have a much wider variety to choose from. Instead of going to the store and taking what you can get, check out some of these fantastic websites that sell beautiful Easter dresses for toddlers at incredible prices

  1. Choose from high-end designer clothing for children with the click of your mouse. Shipping is free on qualifying orders.
  2. The Best Dressed Child: Shop from a huge inventory of toddler clothing for either sex. In addition to garments for special events like Easter, Christmas, or a christening, they carry a full line of other clothing and accessory items for toddlers.
  3. Cookie’sĀ®The Kid’s Department Store: If you are searching for dressy suits for little boys at an affordable price, try this store. They carry some designer labels at a nice discount off retail, and their little girl outfits are adorable.


Toddler clothing sizes range from 2T to 4T, with an occasional 5T being offered by some manufacturers. As a general guide, a 2T fits children weighing between 25 to 27 pounds, 3T is for those weighing about 28 to 32 pounds, 4T is best for kids weighing between 33 to 36 pounds, and 5T should fit those weighing approximately 37 to 42 pounds. Typically, the cut of toddler clothing is somewhat larger through the hipline to accommodate diapers or training pants. From casual to fashionable to modern, toddler Easter dresses can be accented with bows and ribbons to make your daughter look beautiful this Easter, or can be more simple and plain to ensure they will never go out of style. Consider your daughter’s taste and your own needs before making the perfect purchase.