Tiered Skirts

A tiered skirt has graduated layers of gathered fabric, with each layer being more gathered than the last. Tiered skirts can be made fitted if you want a more professional look or simply want to show off your lower abdomen. You also can wear them loose if you want a more casual or costume look, or simply want something that will flatter multiple shapes. These types of skirts are work equally well with summer sandals or warmed up with a pair of leggings and boots for winter. Also, a tiered skirt can be dressed up or down and can be worn day or night.

If you want to make your own tiered skirt, there are some simple way to achieve.  But before you start you will need some things to go. Such as; four strips of fabric, scissors, pins, a calculator, measuring tape, an iron, safety pins, hand-sewing needles and either drawstring material or wide elastic for your waistband. For the steps; You’ll have to measure yourself or the person who will be wearing the skirt. Take a measurement at the hip/bottom area. Now comes to the most difficult part: a little math. Take the measurement for the widest part and add five inches then divide that number by two. Round up if necessary. This is the measurement of the circumference of your first piece. The next strip of fabric needs to be wider to make the skirt full, so take your measurement and make your next strip of fabric 1.3 times longer than the first. So you’ll need to multiply the number you wrote down by 1.3. Cut your pieces to the correct length as described above and seven inches wide. Sew the ends of each piece together. Finally, press all seams before going on the next step.

You’re past the most difficult part. Now simply, sew a wide hem at the top of the piece that will sit at the waist. Make sure it is wide enough to fit your drawstring or elastic through. Now, press the seam before going on the next step of creating the gathers. You’ll need to run two rows of gathering stitches about half an inch apart all the way around the top of the second piece and then gather the material so that the second piece is about the same circumference as the first. Now you’ll pin the second piece to the first and sew them together between the gathering threads. Pull your gathering threads from the material once you are finished. Now do the same thing with the rest of your tiers and press all seams before going on to the next step. Sew a wide hem on the bottom of the skirt and press. Using a safety pin, run your drawstring or elastic through the waistband you created. Ensure that the skirt will pull up over the hips and fit. Take a moment to iron the entire skirt and rid it of any loose threads. Pick 100% cotton for your first tiered skirt, as it is easy to work with and drapes well with minimal work.