Tie Clips

The tie clips, also called the tie bar, is a fashion accessory designed to hold the tie to the front of a man’s dress shirt. The tie clip is a securing device that helps keep a gentleman’s necktie in place, attaching it to the dress shirt underneath.This accessory item is simple to use and both practical as well as decorative. Tie clips are available in a wide range of designs and colors, allowing you to select one that best suits your personal style.

Besides used for decorative purpose tie clips are used to serve very important function. Generally, it is needed that men’s ties should cover the button of the dress shirt. In addition to this it should render a line of interest and contrast. Properly selected and neatly worn tie adds touch of sophistication and brilliance. It reflects your personality. Therefore, while wearing tie you should pay attention on all aspects. You should see that tie will blow out of place. Perfectly selected tie along with brilliantly chosen tie pin when worn can add smartness and sophistication to your individuality. Although nearly anyone can attach a tie clip, there are some subtle strategies you can use to help you wear a tie clip fashionably and correctly. These strategies will set you apart with an air of style and class. For the instructions, firstly, wear a dress shirt in an eye-catching color. A tie clip looks better against a colored shirt than against a plain white one. Then, choose a tie that is wider than the tie clip. Your tie clip should span about three-quarters of the width of your tie. Don’t forget to iron your shirt and tuck it in neatly. A tie clip won’t help dress up a shirt that looks sloppy. Clip the tie clip between your fourth and fifth buttons for a traditional look, or between your third and fourth buttons for a more modern, slimmer look. Button your jacket to make sure you have positioned the clip correctly.When the top button of the jacket is buttoned, the tie bar should be hidden. Slant the clip ever so slightly upward or downward so it is not perfectly horizontal. Perfectly horizontal says “stuffy.” And the lasty, Add a pocket square or handkerchief for formal occasions.

There are different types of clips for different occasions. When a dressier, more upscale look is called for, high end clips made with high quality materials are in order. For an even more pulled- together look, find tie clips with a set of matching cuff links. For everyday, a more casual clip or even fun, novelty clips will do the trick. Rampant in the fashion scene once, the tie clips has now made an equally strong comeback. Look through stores and you will find a huge range of tie clip styles and designs that you can choose from. Undoubtedly it is a must have men’s accessory that adds to complete a distinguished and sophisticated look.