Thigh High Boots

Thigh-high boots have several purposes. They can be worn as regular everyday fashion items, and they are also an integral part of many costumes and cartoon character outfits. Thigh-high boots are often referred to as over-the-knee boots. They are not to be confused with boots that simply graze the knee or even go just an inch or so above the knee. Thigh-high boots literally do hit right at the middle of the thighs.

When choosing the outfits that can complement your thigh high boots, choose a smart suit that emanates confidence and power. Thigh boots will help you stand out from the crowd, accentuate your feminine curves and radiate an aura of self-assurance. Temper this extreme with a conservative suit for a perfectly balanced outfit. For casual outfits, You can choose to wear shorts and mini-skirts along with these boots. To eliminate the need for pants completely, try to get skirts that fall slightly over the boots, or boots that are high enough to hide below your skirt. This, however, is not completely necessary, as you can wear your dresses and skirts with boots that are slightly over the knee or knee-high boots for women.  Wear a trendy jacket, blazer and in some cases, a scarf to complete your ensemble. Long, beaded chains, turtle necks, long shirts with an opaque pair of tights followed by your thigh-high boots, and other such accessories and clothing items will only enhance your overall look. This thigh high boots can also be worn over skinny fit jeans, and a simple plain t-shirt that has been tucked into the jeans. Make a statement with a bold but not loud belt, and your outfit will be complete. When you wear thigh boots with a business suit, subdued colors such as black, brown, beige or grey are appropriate for thigh boots. Suede or leather boots, with a matte finish, project a more professional look than shiny patent leather shoes. Avoid buckles, zippers and other adornments. Select shoes that are comfortable, including the heel size. If you aren’t confident in your ability to walk in high stilettos, compromise and choose a short or chunky heel.

Thigh high boots have come a long way since their origins in the 1600s.What people sometimes don’t realize is, the boots were originally made for soldiers, pirates, fishermen, and horsemen but not for the bedroom. In England where they were prevalent, the boots were loose at the top and able to fold over. The lower parts of the boots were tight-fitting. Today’s thigh high boots are racier. They’re sexy. They’re available in shiny patent leather in red, white, black and more!