Thick Eyebrows

Eyebrows frame your face, protect and accentuate your eyes. Eyebrows also help you express emotions. They frown when you are angry and rise up when you are shocked and surprised. Eyebrows are one facial feature that many people overlook. Having thicker eyebrows can make a woman more beautiful or give more character to a man. Thick eyebrows draw attention to the eyes, which are some people’s best feature. If you’re wondering how to get a thick eyebrow, then you can follow some ways below :

Make Up

Comb your eyebrows. Using an eyebrow comb, brush upward to fluff them up. This will not make them longer, but it will give the illusion that your eyebrows are thicker than they really are. Also, you can add add hair gel to your eyebrows to make them bushier.

Fill in your brow with an eyebrow pencil. Choose an eyebrow pencil that closely matches your hair color so your brow will look natural. Gently stroke the eyebrow pencil in sparse areas of your brow. Do not press hard or make obvious lines. Thick, obvious lines will not look natural. Use an eyebrow brush to blend the eyebrow pencil marks.

Get eyebrow extensions. Eyebrow extension are similar to eyelash extensions; they can be done at a salon. Artificial hairs are attached to your natural eyebrow hairs with a special glue. The artificial hairs follow the direction of your natural eyebrow growth and blend in with your own hairs. The fake hairs fall out by themselves after approximately seven days.



Start a diet. This may sound strange, but diets that are well balanced and full of protein helps facilitate quicker hair growth. During this time do not pluck or shape your eyebrows. It is very important to let them grow to their full potential if you want them to be thick. Plucking and shaving the eyebrows has a detrimental effect over time. Wearing makeup for long periods of time can also damage the skin around the eyebrows.

Try a natural remedy. Many people say that rubbing Castor and olive oil on their eyebrows causes thickening over time. The most common natural remedy is nutritional supplementation. There are several brands of nutritional supplements on the market advertised specifically to make hair and nails grow. They usually contain calcium, vitamin A and vitamin E. You can also eat foods rich in these vitamins.

Cut lime or lemon into slices and rub the wrappers of the same on the eyebrows or massage your eyebrows with olive oil or castor oil daily, at least 2-3 times a day.You can also go in for multivitamin intake. Librow is the one you can trust cause it not only contains proteins and vitamins which stimulate eyebrow growth and make them manageable, it has proven to be highly effective.

Thick Eyebrows

These were some ways to get thick eyebrows. Thick eyebrows, not only are they a frame for the face, which enhances bone structure, but they also draw attention to your eyes and they can make a bold statement. Whether it is due to naturally ways to get thick eyebrows, or give the makeup illusion to make them look thicker, thick eyebrows always can enhance the features on the face. Totally!