The Wedding Headpieces

The wedding headpieces can often say as much about the bride’s style and taste as the wedding dress. The style of the wedding dress will typically match the style of the head piece, so the headpiece should be selected with the wedding dress in mind. The headpiece of the bride can provide the final finishing touch on the wedding day ensemble. Wearing headpieces for weddings is an ancient tradition in the western countries.

Since you wear an absolutely gorgeous wedding gown, there is not much that you can do to overwhelm it or decorate it for that matter. Your hair however, always needs a little bit more, than just a stunning wedding hairstyle. In such case, bridal headpieces are your real saviors. There is a huge array of headpieces for you to choose from. If you love wearing hats, then choosing headpieces becomes even easier and fun job for you!


As with the other options, hats were a common 1940s wedding head piece because of their availability. Many women had hats on hand and could adorn them temporarily with beads or wax flowers to complete their wedding look in a short amount of time or on a tight budget. Those with more resources were also free to buy hats specifically made for weddings, which were often more elaborate with intricate beading. These hats were also especially designed to help hold a veil in place much like the birdcage veil that was used with headband-like pieces.


The veil is the most common and traditional form of a bridal headpiece. A veil, however, can still mean many different things. Veils come in a variety of styles, colors and designs. A cathedral length veil cascades to the floor and trails behind the bride in a dramatic and classic presentation, while a blusher has a vintage look and only covers the top of the face of the bride. There are also varieties of veils that are in between. Veils can cover to the shoulders or to the center of the back as well, depending on the brides preference. The veil can be attached to a comb, a clip or even a hat. Beading, rhinestones or even lace could also adorn the veil, for an added touch of glitz or for a hint of vintage.


A tiara gives a glamorous touch that befits the look of a princess style bride. The tiara is worn typically on the crown of the head and can be as simple or elaborate as the bride desires. Most tiaras are adorned with sparkling crystals; however, colored gemstones can also add a burst of color and elegance. The tiara can be worn in addition to the veil or it can stand alone.

Juliet Cap

Another idea of wedding headpieces that you can choose is the traditional Juliet cap. Juliet caps are often chosen by the brides who wear wedding hairstyles for short hair. These caps contain a lot of ornate beads and laces and they are worn way back or at the middle of the head. These headpieces are also preferred by women who have short hair or who want updo hairstyles.

The Examples of Wedding Headpieces

Besides these 4 ideas of wedding headpieces, there’s still some options to go. Such as; open headband, flowers, and fascinator could be cute for your wedding gown. This gets even more crucial if you have chosen a colored wedding dress. If you want cheap headpieces for weddings, then lace, beads and feather fascinators would be the best bet for you, as compared to the expensive crystal tiaras.