The Newsboy Caps

The newsboy cap may be one of the most classic and popular cap designs ever created. A newsboy cap is a hat style that is fitted around the brow and then looser on top. The newsboy cap was popular with men and boys in the 19th and 20th centuries. It was usually made out of wool or tweed. Today, these fashionable caps come in a variety of colors and materials, and are the perfect accessory is worn as a fashion statement by both males and females. This style is often referred to as Baker Boy, Jay Gatsby, Eight Panel, and Fisherman’s Cap.

You can wear a newboys cap in relatively good weather. The English had other headgear to wear with their Macintosh for rainy days, and so do Americans. Choose a raincoat or weatherproof hood for when it’s really coming down. For knit newsboy style caps, wear the hat with the brim unattached to the cap. This style shows a profile of a head with a larger rounded cap on top, and this is the way young hipsters generally wear their newsboy style hats while out and about.

Wear your newsboy cap properly up on your head to show your eyes.  A good citizen wears his or her hat comfortably pushed back to keep face to face meetings properly accessible. To purchasing, remember to consider the fabric options. The options are endless, but the most popular fabric choice for newsboys is wool. They are also available in knit, crochet, leather and felt. And also, the best way to find any accessory like a newsboy cap is to find one in person. Get out there and shop. Fall is the best time to find a large variety of hats and newsboys are no different. Check your local department or accessories store and try a few on to find the right one for you.