The Neckerchiefs

A neckerchief is a silk or cotton scarf that is worn around the neck. Neckerchiefs are primarily associated with members of the United States Navy and the Boy Scouts of America.  In other side, men can wear this neckerchief in various looks. Whether it is used to stay warm in the winter, as an accessory with an outfit, or to hide the neck or as a replacement for a tie for a men’s business look. The neckerchiefs also can protect the wearer from the sun and, if worn stylishly, can enhance the look of the wearer’s outfit.

It is relatively simple to tie a neckerchief, though there is a sort of art to it that may not be immediately apparent if you’ve never tied one before.  To get a square knot, spread a handkerchief out on a flat surface. Fold the square handkerchief in half diagonally to form a triangle. Roll the handkerchief from the top point of the triangle down toward the long side. Tie the roll in the middle by using a piece of thread.Position the rolled up handkerchief around your neck and cross the ends. Bring one end behind the other, then bring it up and to the front by crossing it over the opposite end. Make sure that both ends are even with one another. Cross ends again to form an X. Hold an opening with one finger and bring one end through the loop. Tighten the knot and work with the handkerchief to straighten the knot and even out both ends.

Neckerchief is also best known as the triangular scarves worn by seamen while on the ship. The pieces of neckwear can be worn with a variety of shirts and accessories, and can be tucked under a collar or worn around the neck without a collar. This is one fashion accessory you can play around with as you like when looking for the style that best suits your look and your needs. Playing with accessories may seem like something just for women, but it’s also for the stylish man who isn’t afraid to choose his own route.