The Funky and Sexy Camouflage Prom Dresses

The prom night is one of the most important nights for most teens in their high school days. This is the night that one is filled with expectations about meeting and interacting with new people, dating, partying and sporting new prom dresses. It truly is an even filled with excitement, glitter and type. Absolutely everyone really wants to appear exceptional to the prom evening, which can be the good reason why many people begin prom preparations months just before the real day within the occasion. Amongst numerous numerous prom dresses.

Camouflage prom dresses are one of a kind and funky. Many of us are effectively mindful in regards to the camouflage vogue clothes. Camouflage prom dress is absolutely nothing but a form with the camo garments. Materials which can be applied for producing this sort of prom dresses is very similar for the military camouflage materials. This factor can make these dresses truly distinct and exceptional.

The Example of Camouflage Prom Dresses

Camouflage prom dresses are usually those which are made in the camouflage design where the style looks a bit like the uniforms worn by the military that comes in the traditional jungle green. Recently, the designs have been altered to appear in many colours such as blue, pink, red, purple or many other variations. There are many ways of spicing up your camo-styled dress so it doesn’t look too plain or boring. However, it is a good idea to pay attention to whatever you dress you pick out and any alterations you make to it so you don’t end up looking trashy or gaudy when you do wear it.


  • Do not mix two types of camo styles as it looks trashy and contrived. For example, if you want to go for jungle green camo, stick to it instead of mixing with pink camo or any other colours
  • When it comes to camo, less is always more. If you are going to have a camo prom dress, then avoid having it embellished too much. Stay away from beads, sequins or embroidery or you will, again, look trashy. The camo style is enough of a decorative design on its own. If you must, use these in moderation.
  • For accessories, stick to solid colours again to avoid creating a busy look. As we mentioned before, try going for colours that are derived from your camo prom dress. A pink camo dress would go well with pink accessories as a red camo dress would also match well with red accessories. Black and white are always a safe bet and you can decide to use either colour when it comes to accessorizing no matter which camo colour your prom dress is.


This kind of Camouflage prom dresses are great for incorporating the contrasting effect as you can decide to have the dress in one solid colour to avoid an overwhelming camo design then make a portion of it camo-styled. The best way to go about it, as usual, it to have the small parts such as sleeves, waist band and maybe a portion of the bodice in camo while the skirt and other parts of the dress are left in one solid colour.