The Ear Cuffs

Ear cuffs are the perfect jewelry solution for the fashion-forward people who doesn’t want to pierce his ears, because the earring is designed in a curved shape which fits snugly around the folds of the outer ear. Also known as a cartilage cuff or ear clip, an ear cuff serves as an eye-catching ear ornament. They are widely used in many cultures as decorative jewelry, and come in a variety of metals and designs to serve as accessories for a wide range of personal styles.

An ear cuff provides another option for making an individual fashion statement. Ear cuffs can also be worn with ear wraps, which are smaller and fit snugly at any place around the ear’s soft rim, rather than in the middle of the outer ear like the ear cuff. Be careful to not wear pieces that compete with, overlap or don’t match each other. Your ear should look like a stylish work of art, not a jumbled mass of random baubles and chains. And the metals used to make ear cuffs vary widely. Common choices are silver and gold, although titanium, copper, and other metals can be used as well.

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Many Chain Ear Cuff
Double Many Cross Ear Cuffs
Pheasant Feather Ear Cuff Earring
Rhinestone Chain Ear Cuffs
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Ear cuff sare one of the most popular fashion accessory that common for both men and women and can be simple or ornate in design. For maintenance, ear cuffs should be treated as carefully as any other jewelry, stored in a safe, roomy spot and cleaned when needed. Depending on the material, you can use a standard jewelry cleaner when needed. And remember that you need to removed your ear cuffs before showering, sleeping, swimming and other sports activities so they do not get knocked off or lost.