The Classic Flapper Dresses

Vintage enthusiasts, costumers and regular folks alike enjoy the look of the 1920s flapper style. The decade is remembered as a time of social rebellion against Prohibition, traditional values and moral restrictions. Prized at the time for being daring, sexy and carefree, flapper dresses are back in vogue today.The flapper dress was ideally designed for movement and comfort. The basic structure was straight and loose-fitting. Modern women are bringing back the flapper dress for costumes, to add diversity to their wardrobes, and to show off the flattering silhouette.

There are some popular styles of flapper dress, i.e. ; Robe de style, short embellished, and long sleeveless. Robe de style; probably the most popular flapper-style dress of the era was designed by Jeanne Lanvin. It was called the basque dress or robe de style and it took the world by storm. The signature detail of the dress was the full skirt, often enhanced with a petticoat or full slip. The waist was dropped and the bodice was tight. After the success of the robe-de-style dress, designers started to get more and more adventurous. When the Charleston became popular, it was common to own a dress that skimmed the knee, hung straight down, was often sleeveless, and was embellished with beading or fringe. When flappers were dancing and drinking, the fringe made the dress seem as animated as the girl. Another very popular dress style was long and unstructured, but most importantly, it was sleeveless. For the first time, women were bearing their arms and legs, a sleeveless dress was a sign of freedom. Women also stopped wearing their corsets around the same time this flapper dress style became popular.

Though many vintage shops will occasionally have a genuine flapper dress in good condition, a buyer should proceed with caution. Most of the dresses are too delicate for wear, especially if they are beaded, because the fabric around the beads will have weakened over the decades. Someone interested in a flapper dress is best off getting a pattern and making their own dress, or looking into vintage reproduction wear. If you interested to purchase online you go check some flapper dresses at online stores/retailers.

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