The Barcode Tattoos

Barcodes are a popular tattoo theme that have come to symbolize different ideas to people, from mass consumerism to abstract art. Unlike other tattoo designs that are mostly popular because of the way they look, barcode tattoos have come into style for another reason apart from their appearance. There is a strong, underlying meaning that is a collective expression of the youth, rather than a symbol of personal expression. The barcode tattoo design is a symbol of rebellion by the masses against materialism. Apart from this rebellion, these tattoos are also increasingly becoming popular because of the way in which they have been depicted in movies and books. Fictitious characters have sported such tattoos for different reasons, mostly as a symbol of human cataloging. Whatever the reason, barcode tattoos have found their place among the youth.

The nape of the neck and the wrist are the most common places people choose to get these tattoos. However, a lot of the youth is now experimenting with other areas too. For instance, the lower back is becoming popular, as is the skull. Women are even getting it on their waist in a vertical design. Of course, the location of the barcode tattoo will determine whether you can scan it or not. You are likely to have difficulty scanning a barcode tattoo on the waist. These are best as wrist tattoos or tattoos on the back of the neck. For the design, most the barcode tattoo designs you can choose just like in stores. They are UPCs, or Universal Product Codes. They consist of 48 individual black and white stripes, some of which are placed together to form thicker stripes. Each group of four stripes contains two black and two white stripes, the precise order of which determines a single digit, 0 through 9. UPC bar codes thus contain 12 digits, each of which has further meaning. The first two indicate the country from which the bar code was issued, the next four tell you who the manufacturer is, and the last six determine the precise type of product . If you want an authentic bar code tattoo, it should adhere to these principles.

On the other hand, the numbers in a barcode tattoo represent the best place to lend it a subtle and personal identity. In some cases, you can find the actual number code for a given product that holds some meaning for you–a particular book, for instance, or a name. Bar code numbers can reveal specific dates–each date utilizing 6 to 10 digits covering month, day and year. These were some information about the barcode tattoo. If you are unsure about getting the barcode tattoo, feel free to try out fake or temporary tattoos to see how it looks.