Tennis Bracelets

Bracelets have forever been the best ornament for your hand. Bracelets have forever been a fashion for women as well as men of all ages. It’s a fashion accessory that could exponentially increase not only classiness and beauty of your hand, but your entire persona. And with so many different types/designs of bracelets, both women and men can choose the best and appropriate bracelet to wear. For women, a tennis bracelet¬† can be great choice. Tennis bracelet is a great accessory that can complement any outfits. A classic tennis bracelet, once called an eternity bracelet, is an in-line bracelet with a pattern of symmetrical and individually set diamonds with a clasp.¬† This piece of jewelry is typically worn around the wrist, but not necessary while playing tennis. Over the years, the tennis bracelets have become an elegant fashion statement and make great gifts for anniversaries, graduations, birthdays or any special occasion.

Tennis bracelets comes in several materials. While the classic type is made of diamonds set in yellow gold, consumers can choose a bracelet made of gold (rose, yellow or white), silver, or platinum. They also can choose different faceted gemstones such as amethysts, emeralds or garnets. Tennis bracelets made with cubic zirconia or moissanite are more affordable options. Finally, there are choices to consider regarding the cut and size of the stones in the bracelet. Then, these tennis bracelets may function in several ways. First, it is an adornment, an elegant accessory that completes an outfit. Celebrities may wear a custom-designed tennis bracelet on the red carpet to advertise a jeweler’s work. But a tennis bracelet may also hold sentimental value for the wearer as a family heirloom or inheritance, or a gift that holds special meaning.

Blee Inara Painted Eye Tennis Bracelet

Genevive by CZC Three Row Tennis Bracelet

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Tennis braceletsare simple but classy wherever they are worn. When buying a tennis bracelet, take into consideration your wrist size. If you have a small wrist and slender arm, a delicate bracelet with smaller diamonds will look best. Those larger wrists or arms should choose bolder bracelets with larger stones.