Teal Prom Dresses

If you’re looking for a knockout style to give you some edge on the competition then teal prom dresses can give you the way to go for your prom night. A teal dress will definitely make you stand out on the dance floor.  Teal is projected to be the hot color of the year, most likely inspired by the current 80’s trend. The “teal” label seems to run the gamut of colors from green-blue to plain old blue.

 Blush Prom 9373 Teal One Shoulder Evening Gown
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 Designer Ball Gown by Night Moves 6039
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Teal prom dresses come in just about any style you can find others. Some merchants carry specific ones and then you choose the color you prefer. Knowing which looks best on you is difficult. Here are some suggestions for the best style for your body type. Pear shaped – If you have a pear shaped body, you would look best in an A-line.  A-lines give an appearance that you have a longer torso and legs, which helps balances your body. Boy figure – If you do not have many curves you want a dress that will give you that such as one with a flared skirt. A-lines work well with this body type as well because it forms at the top and comes out at the waist. Round – Empire waist or low cut dresses flatter this body type because it enhances the bust area. A flared skirt can help balance out this body type as well. For these body types, you want to avoid form fitting. The key is to find one that enhances your most flattering features and improve other body areas.

Teal Spaghetti Strap Empire Waist Gown
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You can find this color in many shops in your area. Look through magazines or online to see what kind you like the best. You can visit a formal shop to see if they have a similar one in stock or if the shop can special order it for you. Shop around because you may find the same one much less expensive at another location. If you prefer to shop online, make sure you know your measurements. It is important that you purchase a dress that is either perfect fitting or bigger. It is easier to have alterations done to one that is too big than too small. Always accessorize these teal prom dresses with the right of jewelry, bag and footwear along with sporting the right hairdo as well. With perfect coordination, you are bound to win the hearts of many at the prom night!