Tattoos on Forearm

Forearm is known to be one of the best tattoo placement options by body art lovers since it offers a huge canvas to explore your creativity. The forearm is also a highly visible part of the body and it is easy to see ink art displayed on the arm. Tattoos might range from the name of a loved one emblazoned across a forearm to a half sleeve elaborate “painting” covering the entire lower half of the arm. Several traditional and popular design tattoos on forearm area are available for both men and women.

Here’s the first ideas for tattoos on forearm for you; Chicano ink. It features portraits of real people, permanently etched on the skin as a memorial or in affection. A father might have his child’s or his wife’s portrait “painted” on his arm. Some people go for celebrity portraits, occasionally with a touch of irony or a nod to a cultural icon such as Marilyn Monroe. Others commemorate a loved one or a friend who died, often at a young age. This ink requires a skilled portraitist, is copied from a photograph and is done in black ink shaded in greys. One of the most versatile options which you can choose to get tattoos on forearm;Words tattoos. These offer an array of options and you can choose to have one to reflect your personality. From a single alphabet tattoo to a long phrase tattoo you can just start exploring your creativity for having the best word or phase inked on your forearm. Further keep this design simple or add some delicate and minimal design gracing the word tattoo.

And for ladies, angel tattoos can be option. There are a number of ladies flaunting large and small versions of these in style. So if you are a female looking for feminine and beautiful tattoos on forearm, angel tattoos are a must checkout! A single colored tribal angel tattoo is good pick if you want to keep it small and simple. Guardian angel tattoos with a mix of word tattoo can make a simply awesome piece of body art. A tattoo made of multiple designs is much commonly seen in tattoos on forearm as this body part offers a large area. With perfect mix of designs you can create some really eye-catching designs and get ready to show off your tattoo!