Tankini Tops

Most people enjoy summer when they can spend time by the pool or at the beach. For women who still want to wear a two-piece swimsuit, but don’t feel confident with their body shape, the tankini is an option to still look fashionable while hiding perceived body flaws. Tankinis are a two-piece swimsuit, which come with a tank top like upper clothing and a bikini bottom. The tankini is one of the most recent trend setters in the bathing suit scene. They offer the same conveniences as a bikini and yet are chic and fashionable in their own way, without being overtly sexy!

To choose your tankini tops you need to consider about your body type, fabric, and fitting. For the body type; You must go for a tankini that highlights the strengths of your body structure. For example, women with narrow shoulders should avoid halter necks as they only narrow the look even further. Instead choosing bandeau style or wrap tank style is ideal for them. For the Fabric: Tankinis are essentially made to provide women with utmost comfort and hence made in different bathing suit fabrics, from classic jersey to cotton mixed synthetic fabrics. Women on heavier side should opt for tankins with thick materials as it can add the form and stability to their figure. Last, for the fitting: You must take a trial to check if the swimsuit fits you well or not. A particular tankini may look great on the mannequin but may not look as great on you so trying out it on your body is important to see how a particular top looks on you. You must also check the fitting and comfort of the bottom before buying it. To purchase online, you can go visit Nordstorm.com, Oldnavy.com, Lindasonline.com, Swimspot.com, etc.

Tankini tops are one of the best and sexiest alternatives to bikinis and are gaining popularity amongst all the fashionistas across the world. They are versatile and extremely dynamic. Women of all ages with different body types can go for tankini tops that are sure to make them look sexy yet classy at the same time. Cheers!