Tango Dresses

Tango had a huge impact on women’s fashion in the 1910s. When the tango craze reached Europe and the United States, women’s dress had to become lighter and looser to accommodate the dance moves, characterized by partners in a close embrace, at times cheek to cheek, with legs extending into their partners dance space. Because the tango began as an urban phenomenon and not a traditional or folk dance, there is no associated traditional costume. The style of this music genre and social dance form was highly influenced by African culture and the multitudes of French, Spanish and Italian immigrants in these ports. Early tango attire was a reflection of the urban dress worn by the poor and working classes in this region. For women, the tango is passionate and elegant, and tango dresses for women should match that mood. Simply donning the tango dresses should make the women feel as exotic and erotic as the dance and the music.

Tango dresses with bright colors are perfect choices for women. Tango dresses can also feature a short front and long back or triangular points of material hanging down from the waist. Ideal materials are spandex and Lycra blends that let the ladies bend. Some are embellished with sequins or fringe.

Tango Dresses For Women

Lattice Dress II

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Red Lace Halter Latin Dress

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Open Back Scarlet Tango Dress with Hi-Lo Hemline

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