Sweet Sixteen Dresses

A teenager’s sweet sixteen is probably her most important birthday. It marks a period of time that serves as transition between childhood and adulthood. For any teenager, throwing a sweet sixteen party that will be remembered for years to come is a matter of prime importance.

One of the most important things in this party is the sweet sixteen dresses. To get the best dresses for sweet 16 party then first thing you must to do is select a theme for your party, if you want to have one. Then depending on the theme, your choice of dress may change. For example, if you are planning around a Renaissance theme, you may wish to have a dress that reflects the original fashions of this romantic age. Ask a trained salesperson or seamstress to measure you or enlist the help of your mother or sister. Correct measurements of the bust, waist and hips are essential for purchasing a dress that fits or for commissioning one to be made.

Start shopping early, preferably about six to eight months in advance. If you are special ordering a dress or having one made, it may take as many as five or more months for the dress to be completed. If you plan on buying “off the rack” or from a department store, you should still start your shopping process early as formal dress selection changes throughout the year. Then browse through current fashion magazines and even bridal magazines before hitting the stores. Rip out pages featuring dresses that you like or which feature specific elements that you are looking for. If you visit a gown shop, your salesperson can help guide you to a designer or a specific dress which has the style you are looking for. These were some tips for you when choosing sweet sixteen dresses by yourself.

Know that white is still the most common color for the Sweet Sixteen dresses, particularly for more formal affairs. However, many girls are selecting light pastel dresses or other colors with more frequency. Good luck!