Sweater Coats

The sweater coat is one of the hottest trends in women’s fashion today, and yeah, No doubt! Sweater coats are practical wardrobe additions, especially for the transitional fall months, when it’s too warm to wear a coat but cool enough that you want a sweater. A sweater coat is essentially a long cardigan. You can adapt most cardigan patterns to make a sweater coat just by knitting the body longer, or you can draft your own sweater coat pattern with a few measurements. The sweater coat has everything the traditional sweater has: warmth, comfort, style, but the longer look, and ability to wrap snuggly around your body adds an extra element of comfort and style.

Many retailers are offering sweater coats today, and they’re coming in all different style. Most popular seems to be the full length sweater coat, a garment that is knit in standard sweater wool. The ladies sweater coats are normally woollen properly-knitted coats with completely different designs and a line of prints. Additional features such as buttons, ties or wraps, toggles, clasps, pockets, fur, and hoods add embellishments that can fit with anyone’s style preferences. And sweater coats, like pullover sweaters come in a variety of beautiful colors and patterns. Also popular is the short sweater coat. Instead of coming to the knee, short sweater coats typically end at the thigh, hip or waist. Again, it might come as a wrap sweater, or it may have a hood, but surely whatever style you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find it in a sweater coat.

Sweater coats are very snug, warm and elegant, and will be always favored by many women all around the world! Sweater coats are versatile, as they can be mixed up with any of your dresses. Its possibly you can put on them to your workplace with your formal workplace gown, a standard t-shirt and boots for a normal party, or wear it over denims.