Stoles serve as an accessory that can be used for fashion or function. A stole is one such accessory that plays a major role in enhancing the over attire of a woman. Stoles are gracefully wrapped around the shoulders, neck or the arms, just as you like to adorn them. Stole worn over a party dress gives the perfect classy look. It is also worn over cocktail dresses and ball gowns. Formal events are most suitable for wearing a stole. A stole is also famous among young girls. Various trendy and colourful stoles are worn over toppers or prom dresses. Other than its usability as a protection against cold weather, it creates a style statement.

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Stoles are made in a range of materials. The first stoles were primarily developed to protect the shoulders from the extreme climatic conditions. In cold conditions they were made of thick materials such as Fur. They were wrapped around the shoulder and used to cover the face to protect the skin. But stoles gradually evolved from just being a piece of protective clothing to being one of the most desired fashion accessory. And there are several ways to wear this cutie accessory for women. If you want to wearing a stole in different ways, creatively, then here’s some tips for you. Most stoles can be easily worn off the shoulders. Simply fold the stole in half, and pin or clip at the width of your shoulders. If the stole is a type of fur, or faux fur, it can be worn alone, with your shoulders exposed and a tube top underneath. Finish off the look with a pair of skinny jeans and stilettos for a casual but trendy style. This is a look for a night out on the town. Another creative way to wear a stole is around your hips. This can make your waist appear smaller. Depending on the material the stole is made of and how wide it is, it can be worn with pants, jeans or a skirt. Or you can pair the stole with tights and boots. Then, you can place the center of the open stole on the back of your neck, cross the two ends in front of you and pin. If your stole is long, wrap the two ends around you to meet in the back, cross and pin. This wrap style is best worn with a sleeveless top underneath. It can be dressed up with a skirt or dressed down with jeans.



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There are numerous stores offering a range of stoles. You can also choose from an exotic blend of eloquent patterns, vibrant colors. StolesĀ  can be worn with traditional and formal attire. They can also be teamed up with different formal as well as casual wear. They are also available at competitive prices. They also make an ideal gift item. You can also choose from a wide range of colors and styles. They are easy to wash and maintain. They are manufactured from fine quality raw material and can be used for the purpose of decoration too. These adorable stoles are definitely can make perfect outer garment to accessorize your wardrobe in many different ways.