Stiletto Shoes

If you’re a fashionista or at least a girly-girl,then stiletto shoe is a must-have stuff on your shoes collection! Stiletto shoes; this iconic high-heeled symbol of power and style is an essential accessory for label-obsessed trendsetters and pop culture lovers. A historic embodiment of heightened sexuality and glamour, the stiletto is one type of shoe that will never go out of style. Totally! Stiletto shoes are found in fashionable department stores, boutiques and fetish shops. Because of the erotic nature and sexual connotation of a woman wearing high-heeled stilettos, these shoes are favored among exotic dancers, sex workers, prostitutes and fetishists. The heel height of the stiletto can be as tall as 5 inches with a toe box as small as 1/2 inch. Pointed-toe stilettos are commonly referred to as the standard stiletto style.

Not only for glamorous styles, stiletto shoes also can be wear on casual style. You can wear pants that brush the top of your foot and the bottom of your heel. Stilettos are meant to be seen and will spice up a casual jeans and T-shirt look dramatically, but they should not be the centerpiece of your ensemble. Make sure that your pants are long enough that you do not appear to be wearing clothes that do not fit when you pair them with your shoes. For casual wear, women can go with skirts. Keep skirts loose and flowing. While tight skirts and stilettos are great for a club, there is no way to make this look casual enough for an afternoon at the mall or a simple lunch with friends. Wear “floaty” floral or lacy skirts to evoke thoughts of sunny afternoon fun. Avoid shorts. Shorts are inherently too casual to pair with stiletto heels. At best the look will appear overdone, and at worst trampy. You can pull it off at a disco club, but it will not work for an afternoon stroll.

To purchase, you can go visit some online stores. But before you even allow yourself to look at a new pair of stilettos, decide on your budget. If you do fall in love with a specific pair of shoes that are outside your budget, check online for sales at stores like,, and department stores’ sites. If you love designer shoes, you may even be able to find a knockoff pair. Nothing hurts more than a tall stiletto heel like the buyer’s remorse that comes with breaking a tight budget and possibly having to return the shoes, too! Shopping for stiletto shoes can be enjoyable if you have your guidelines in place beforehand.  Just make sure you’ll be able to actually wear the stiletto shoes where you need them to go. Stilettos are a fashionable wardrobe accessory. Whether worn to a professional meeting or with a sexy dress at an evening event, stilettos can elongate a woman’s frame and make her feel powerful with whatever she wears.