Stetson Hats

The Stetson hat is one of the most famous symbols of the cowboy or rancher. In 1865, John B. Stetson founded the John B. Stetson Hat Company; today, the hats are made in Texas and can be found in retail stores throughout the United States. The Stetson hat is made from either straw or beaver fur felt and bears a distinctive design featuring a broad, curved brim and a tall crown. Modern usage of the word Stetson frequently refers to any hat bearing a resemblance to this trademark of the American West. The Stetson hats come in many styles, including felt, straw, casual dress, Western and outdoor.

The design of Stetson hats was purposely designed with tall tops to create a pocket of empty space on the inside for warm air to sit, helping keep its occupant warm. The wide brim was there to protect and keep out the wind, sun and rain. The design of the hat was made to be waterproof from the inside so that the top of the hat where it cups made it handy to fill up with water and then use that water to drink or wash with. Though this sounds silly, it made perfect sense to John B. and all the frontiersmen who wore it. Wearing a Stetson hat can be just simple. Wear your hat on top of your head, either pulled down over the eyes or put back. Don’t wear it slanted on the left or right of the head. Or use a different hat for different occasions. Felt hats of dark colors are worn at night and for special occasions. Straw Stetson hats are worn during outdoor work. Some wear white Stetsons at summer events, especially at night. Darker hats are also worn more during the winter, while lighter colors are reserved for the summer.

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If you want to purchase, you can check to see if any retailers near you sell Stetson hats. The Stetson website has a retailer locator search box for easy use. Or you can go view the list of online retailers if there are no stores in your area that carry Stetson products. You should also consider shopping online if stores near you don’t have the style you’re looking for and will not order it for you. Check several online retailers until you’ve found one that carries the hat you want. Purchase the hat online using the instructions on the retailer’s web page.