Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelets

Sterling silver bangle bracelets are fashionable and chic. A bracelet made of sterling silver is beautiful and yet quite affordable. This is because sterling silver is not as expensive as gold or platinum.  These bracelets come in form of bangles with traditional designs. You can opt for designs like fish hook, hammered twist, or diamond cut. Sterling silver bangle bracelets are a great wear for any occasion, and they are very flexible, too, meaning, they can blend well with any attire, any skin color, any time of the day.

La Preciosa Sterling Silver Goldplated Starfish Bangle

Sterling Essentials Sterling Silver 7-inch Semanario Bangle Bracelet


Speaking of everyday wear, sterling silver bangle bracelets are beloved perhaps most of all for their simplicity. The basic design of all bangles is the same;  a rigid bracelet designed to embrace the wrist offering the wearer one continual line of uninterrupted beauty. Aside from a ring or wristwatch, bracelets are the only piece of jewelry that the wearer can actually see without having to look in a mirror. As such, ladies will enjoy an accessory that is both visually pleasing and versatile. Sterling silver bangle bracelets are perhaps among the most versatile styles available. The icy white, neutral tone of sterling silver is beautiful when paired with any wardrobe. From office to casual and even formal, silver is a lovely choice. There are several online retailers that offers a large selection of bangle bracelets crafted in genuine.925 sterling silver. If you incorporate cubic zirconia into a silver setting, you instantly have the look of a very expensive bracelet. As a manmade stone, cubic zirconia is created to resemble the perfect diamond. Add these characteristics together, combine them with the classic bangle design and you have one breathtaking bracelet.

Sterling Essentials Sterling Silver 7-inch Polished Bangle Bracelet


Sterling silver bangle braceletsare popular among teens and currently the Hollywood starlet scene. These bangle bracelets also make a great beach accessory. You will most certainly have all eyes on you if you walk up and down the shore of the beach, wearing a series of thin bracelets on your right arm. Then, of course, the beach is not the only place where you can socialize while wearing your prized bracelet jewelry. After all, not just stylish and chic, these bracelets are also versatile, sterling silver bangle bracelets can be worn in school, at work, at the mall, and practically, anywhere else.