Sportcoats for Men

Sport coats are a versatile wardrobe option for men. Sport coats are also available in modern and classic styles in colors ranging from light to dark and fabrics ranging from lightweight linen to heavy tweed. Sport coats have been around for quite some time, and their fashion endurance can be credited to their wearing flexibility. From restaurants to business meetings, men’s sport coats are widely accepted as appropriate attire. Beyond that, they are much more comfortable than a standard suit, which is ideal in this day and age where comfort is key when it comes to male fashion. For men who just can’t picture themselves in a suit every day, owning a sportcoat is the perfect compromise, allowing them to look put together without much effort.

There are numerous ways for men about how to wear a sportcoat.  For a day look, pair your sport coat with a pair of smart jeans and a button-down shirt. Think casual, not work; you don’t want to look like you intended to wear a suit but missed the target. This means clean, classy jeans, not too baggy, and well fitting. Use a nice belt if necessary. Your button-down shirt should be worn without a tie, and buttoning your top button is optional. The coloring should match with your sport coat, which means complementary shirt colors to set off the sport coat. Button a single button or leave the jacket open for an easy look. Keep your shoes casual but avoid athletic shoes. For a professional look, khakis, a light blue solid color shirt and a dark blue sport coat make a great combination for offices where ties aren’t required but jeans are just a bit too casual.Khaki isn’t just for trousers. For a classic, timeless look, pair a khaki jacket with a light blue solid color shirt and navy slacks. This looks great any time of year for any occasion where a full suit is not required.For preppy look, pairing a pink striped shirt and matching solid color textured tie with a casual navy blazer is a great way to achieve a preppy yet dressed-up look for spring or summer. This look is appropriate for many business settings, as well as social events and outdoor activities like weddings, yachting events, polo matches and more.

When the temperatures turn chilly, pairing a sweater with a sportcoat and jeans can be a great casual look, especially when the jacket and sweater are the same color. The un-tucked shirt with this ensemble adds to its informal appeal, making it a great choice for weekends, vacations and causal outings with friends. Or wearing a turtleneck with a winter weight sport coat, such as one made from corduroy or tweed, is a great way to keep warm while looking stylish during the winter. With so many choices, it’s easy to see how men can wear a sport coat for just about any occasion. When it comes to purchasing a sport coat, men should choose a fabric and consider whether it will be worn during summer or winter, or mostly in warm climates or cold climates. The fabric also will determine the available patterns and whether they are suitable with sweaters. Also, men need to remember to choose a sport coast that fit properly, then dress them up or down with different types of shirts and accessories as appropriate for the occasion. These sport coats for men are absolutely fashionable and terrific for any occasion!