Sneakers have now become really common and fashion attire. They are usually made up of rubber and soft and pliable material. They can not be worn as formal wear as they are casual shoes and worn under jeans, cargoes or shorts. Sneakers are very common worn while playing tennis, football and other sports. The sneakers were first produced in of 1800 with a simple rubber sole design. The shoes are given the name sneakers because the soles are so smooth and they cannot make any sound on the floor. The Keds was the first company during the early decades to produce the sneakers.

Many styles and types of sneakers are available from a variety of companies. Amongst these are the overall athletic shoe and the modern, redesigned cleat. Racing and track shoes were developed for Olympic athletes to better enhance their abilities. Track shoes generally implement a rubber based bottom while adding small spikes for better grip. Some of the most popular sneakers are those designed for basketball. These can range in styles, but they usually offer ankle support and utilize the air technology developed by Nike.

Sneakers for Women

Jeffrey Campbell ‘Alva’ Studded High Top Sneaker

N.Y.L.A. ‘Jerdon’ Sneaker

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Sneakers for Men

Supra S1W Mid Top Sneaker

Adidas Y-3 Kazuhiri Casual Sneakers

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The cost of sneakers depend on the innovative technology created for the shoe, the brand and the model. Inexpensive sneakers will have lower quality rubber soles, less intricate stitching, and little or no ‘air’ in the soles. Mid-range sneakers that usually advertise special technology or comfort additions cost more. These sneakers play an important part in the fashion world and cater the fashion needs of everybody irrespective of their ages. They are available in all of the models and thus suit every body’s need. Thus, the sneakers, with a long history, capture the top place out there along with hearts of the individuals who have a vogue for the new sneaker trends.