Smokey Eyes for Brown Eyes

If you pick up any fashion or beauty magazine today, chances are that you will be inundated with advertisements, tutorials, stories and features that have one thing in common: the smoky eye! The smoldering, smoky eye is the new thing when it comes to sexy, noticeable eye makeup that gets attention without going overboard. The smokey eye look has become a staple within the makeup and fashion industries. It is apparent that this dramatic look is here to stay, appearing on models walking the runways for several years now.

For brown eyes, this technique of eye makeup can be great way to get an edgy, mysterious, sexy look. For the tutorial, you can find how to do smokey eyes for brown eyes easily in internet. And a few of them are provided here, take a look!


  1. Smokey Eye Tutorial I
  2. Smokey Eye Tutorial II


*These above video about smokey eyes for brown eyes tutorials are taken from Youtube

Smokey eye for brown eye is one of eye makeup style which typically signed by darker shadow application on the eye lids. This eye makeup style commonly create sexy and sharp look of woman eye. Color choices for eye shadow are one important thing in doing this sexy eye makeup especially for brown eyes. Smokey eye color for brown eyes color should choose some colors such as: black, grey, copper, brown, or coffee color to press the eyes color. For more greatly smokey effect, you can select plum and deep blue color for your brown eyes.  And an important tip for smokey eyes makeup is that you should use powder type of eye shadow product rather than liquid or cream; it is because powder eye shadow would be easier to be smudged and blended with color combination applied on smokey eyes for brown eyes.