Small Tattoo ideas

The fashion of wearing tattoos is gaining in popularity among both men and women. Especially in the case of women, this is the most simple way to look trendy and cute. But sometimes, most women only want to get a small one. The reason is that these look discreet and add up to their femininity. They are many places on the body where small tattoos can be made. The hips are mainly considered by a lot of girls. Women also like to wear these beneath their navel; on the thighs, ankles, and wrists; on the top of their feet; on the lower back; behind the ears; on the shoulders; and on the back of the neck. Also, there are many small tattoo ideas that can be options for women, also men.

And here’s some small tattoo ideas for you. First idea is star tattoos, the evergreen star tattoo is one of the ideal small tattoo designs for women. Nautical star tattoos, pentagram, shooting star, the Star of David and star dust are some of the commonly made star tattoo designs. Star tattoo meanings differ, so depending on the meaning of star tattoos, you can select a tattoo that suits your personality. Stars look great on the wrist, lower back, hips, shoulder, and clavicle for women. Men can get it on the upper arm, side, back shoulders, or wrists. Then, men and women who are musicians and love music the mostly prefer music note tattoos. On women, these simply look beautiful and cute, as they are not very complicatedly made. Treble clef and bass clef designs are the mostly sought after music note tattoos.

For girls, exotic flower tattoos are perfect for them. Flower tattoo designs for women denote femininity, love and beauty. Pink rose tattoo which depicts admiration, white lily which stands for purity and daisies which represent innocence, loyalty and faith are excellent ideas for small tattoos. And also, bird tattoos can be great option for girls. You can make small tattoos of birds such as a doves, ostriches, hummingbirds, swans, peacocks, swallows, fairy bluebirds, and many more beautiful ones. These look better when made behind the neck, on the shoulders, and on the lower back. These were some small tattoo ideas for you. Small tattoo ideas can be made truly appealing and really unique. But for that, you have to understand what you need and how you can make it unique and different for yourself. After that just wait and see the effect that a small tattoo has on people.