Slap Bracelets

Slap bracelets were a fun fashion fad during the 1980s and ’90s. The slap bracelet, also known as a snap bracelet, gets its name because it starts out flat and then slapping over a person’s wrist. The tension in the bracelet causes it to stay on someone’s wrist. Just as with many fashions, slap bracelets are becoming popular again. The slap bracelet of today is simply a flexible band of metal that has been slightly padded and colored with colorful material.

The padding in today‚Äôs slap bracelet is an improvement over the bracelets of early times, which tended to consist only of the metal and the fabric covering. In order to put on bracelets of this type, one simply extends the wrist and gently slaps the bracelet against the wrist. The flexible metal in the slap bracelet then encircles the wrist, leaving the look of traditional round bracelets. If you want to purchase, you must know that these bracelets has never been very expensive. So you can buy it or even make it by yourself! To make, you will need some things like metal measuring tape, sand paper, super glue, magnetic snaps,scissors, and stickers, paper or fabric to decorate the slap bracelet. Then for the first steps, measure around your wrist so you know how long to make the slap bracelet. Cut the metal measuring tape according to the wrist measurement plus 1 extra inch of space. The extra inch will keep the bracelet just loose enough so that the bracelet won’t cut into your skin. Sand the measuring tape’s edges. The edges will be sharp, so use the sand paper to smooth out the edges. Attach the magnetic snaps to each end of the tape using super glue. The magnets will hold the bracelet around your wrist. Lastly, decorate the slap bracelet with the stickers, paper or fabric of your choice and enjoy your new bracelet.

Slap bracelet is fun, cool and represent about youthful and joy. But during the early years of the slap bracelets, some schools chose to ban the wearing of the bracelets during school hours. One of the problems was that the bracelets were being used to literally slap wrists and causing frequent trips to the school nurse. While many of these old restrictions are now forgotten, chances are that some school jurisdictions will revive them as the slap bracelet regains its popularity among the young people of today.