Do you ever hear heard about skorts? What is skort? Skorts are a pair of shorts made to look like a skirt. They can be very comfortable, but have the added benefit of being modest. Wearing skorts can prevent embarrassing moments on windy days or when playing sports. Skorts were originally designed for the tennis community to give active women the look of the traditional tennis skirt with the modesty of shorts. They were usually mid-thigh in length and white in color so that they could easily substitute for a tennis skirt. Because of the hidden shorts, they are also a practical choice in tennis as they tend to stay in place when you jump.

Women golfers started to wear a longer version of the tennis skort as a substitute for their traditional split skirt. The golf skort was designed in colors and patterns consistent with the other fashionable activewear separates enjoyed by women golfers. Now they are available year-round for activewear and during the warm weather months for casual wear. Many women like the ease and freedom of the skort, and the fact that it reveals less of the figure than does a pair of shorts. The skorts can hide any perceived figure faults, and remains slightly dressier than shorts.

If you want to purchase, keep in mind; The same rules that apply to skirts should also apply to skorts.When you reach the age that you shouldn’t be wearing a mini-skirt, you shouldn’t be wearing a short skort either. Just because you don’t have to worry about flashing your undies while you are wearing a skort doesn’t mean that the length can be inappropriate. Knee-length or slightly longer looks the most professional for most adult women. Skorts are the ultimate combination of fashion and function. They offer the active woman style, modesty, and versatility all at once.