Skinny Ties For Men

Men’s ties come in all designs, colors, and even sizes. Over the past several years, skinny ties have gained much popularity again.¬†Skinny ties are thin along the whole length rather than wedging outward like traditional ties Originally the skinny tie became popular in the late 1960s and was typically solid black in color. They are most popular among men that want a less rigid and more fashionable “suit & tie” look. Today’s skinny ties for men come in all designs, patterns and colors. They can be worn formally with a suit or to give a retro look to a casual outfit.

Although the skinny tie is narrower at the broad end, it usually has the same width to regular ties on the opposite end. Therefore, tying a skinny tie is no different than tying any other necktie. But if you feel difficult to do, then here’s some simple steps about how to tie a skinny tie for you. Start by pulling the collar of your shirt upward so it doesn’t interfere with your knot. Drape the skinny tie around your neck, leaving one end hanging at level with the bottom of your shirt pocket (or halfway down your body if your shirt doesn’t have a pocket). Slip the longer end under the shorter end so that the underside of the longer end of the tie is facing upward. Flip the longer end back over the short end and bring this end through the “V” shaped loop that you made in step two. The knot should begin to form now.¬† Now slide the longer side of the tie through the upper loop of the knot. Pull downward. While using a finger to hold the hold the loop, tighten the knot. This will make the neatest possible knot. Adjust the tie, ensuring that it sits snugly against the top button of the collar. To adjust the length, hold the knot with one hand while pulling the shorter end of the tie with the other. Fold the collar down and your skinny tie is ready.

Skinny ties for men

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Skinny ties for men are elegant and sophisticated. But to wear a skinny tie, need some consideration to get the best look. And here;s some tips for you; skinny ties for men look the best on skinny frames. If you are a bulky guy, you may want to steer clear of any tie that is less than three inches. Otherwise, the skinniness of the tie might end up looking a little awkward or make you look huge. For a jacket, do not just grab the first jacket you see. Pick out a jacket with a modern fit to go along with your skinny tie. Make sure the lapels are not too much bigger than your tie. If you are not interested in wearing a jacket, find a nice vest to go with your shirt and skinny tie. Both jackets and vests look great with skinny ties. Cardigan sweater also can be great option for men when wearing a skinny tie. Cardigan sweater is a classic shirt to wear with a black skinny tie. Wear the black skinny tie over a buttoned shirt with the cardigan sweater, or place the skinny tie tucked inside the shirt. A cardigan with the skinny tie matches well with slim jeans and a pair of sneakers or oxfords, giving you a unique sense of style without going overboard.Remember to keep it simple. Stay away from dress shirts that have thick collars. Skinny ties create a hip, modern look and the goal when wearing one.