Skater Shoes

Skater shoes are designed specifically to be durable against the abrasiveness of a skateboard. While sporting is the main purpose of these shoes, skater shoes are sometimes worn as a fashion statement as well as for function. Many features are added to skater shoes to increase their resistance against wear. The bottom grips allow the wearer to find traction on a skateboard. A large tongue and wide laces, as well as a wide frame, make this shoe not only functional, but also comfortable. A downside to the shoes is that they aren’t waterproof, making skateboarding in water a wet task. Some skateboarders pair their shoes with waterproof socks, which are often made out of sheepskin. These will ensure dry feet while skateboarding in the rain.

If you’re wearing your skater shoes for sport, your first thought should be for safety. Try the shoes out on your board and make sure that the fit well, and allow you to do everything you’ll need them to do. Choose a skater shoe of a style that accommodates your preferred use. There are certain shoes that are more functional for skateboarding, while others place an emphasis on the skater “look” and are typically worn casually. Choose a shoe with a thick sole or triple stitching when looking for something to use for skateboarding. These shoes are more durable and last longer than other skater shoes. Then wear pants that augment the look of your shoe. You will want pants that are easily tucked behind the large skateboard shoe tongue. This is a matter of preference, but skate shoes are commonly worn with the bottom of the pant leg tucked behind the tongue. Also, remember to lace up your shoes so that you aren’t at risk of having the laces getting caught on the skateboard. Make sure they are tight, so that they don’t become untied. This is dangerous even when you aren’t skateboarding, because you could fall into various areas. Ensure the loops on the laces are short enough so that they don’t get stuck on paraphernalia. But, if you’re simply interested in wearing skate shoes as a fashion statement, it’s time to think about how the shoes will mesh with the rest of your look. Skate shoes are ultimately a casual look, which means they’ll look best as part of a similarly casual style.


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Skater shoes should not only fit, they need to durability and style. You want a comfortable fit that does not pinch your toes or cramp your feet. Your main concerns are comfort and grip. When you first walk around in them, surmise the comfort factor wearing socks. Keep in mind that better quality usually comes with a higher price tag as well.