Silk Scarves for Men

Scarves are one of the most popular accessory items out there not only worn by women and kids, but also men. And the most popular of all the types scarf among men would be silk scarves, which are preferred for their soft feel and rich lustrous look. These silk scarves for men can be a charming accessory for cooler months, and can add an elegant touch to even the most basic of outfits. And also, the silk scarves not only keep them warm, but also add to their masculine looks and charm. The beautiful nature of the silk allows them to offer never-ending options to enhance men’s wardrobe.

Silk scarves for men, beside adding glamour to the wearer help to keep the person wearing it, warm from the cold winds and in dry dusty climes, they are used as protection for the head, nose and mouth. The utilitarian side of this fashion item has added to its attractiveness. There is a huge variety of silk scarves for men. You can either go for the unique men’s Oriental silk scarves which are made of 100 percent silk and are therefore very soft, smooth and silky. They are provided with unique Oriental calligraphy and fringe for added appeal. The most interesting aspect of these scarves is that they are double-sided and therefore, you can wear them anyways either front-side up or reverse-side up to match with your attire. They are usually 10 inches wide and 40 to 45 inches long. So, they are long enough for you to hang them freely from your neck, with both ends hanging down in front of your body. And probably the most popular mens scarves these days are the white silk aviator scarves. they have indeed made a winning comeback and are definitely here to stay. They look very nice whether they are worn with a leather jacket, denim jacket, sports jacket, suit, coat or sweater. They create an aura of masculinity and muscular charm, and add a cutting-edge fashion statement to any man’s outfit. They add an element of mystic beauty, and elegance to a man’s personality and are, therefore, very popular as gifts for men of all ages. Reversible scarves or dual color scarves are another major favorite among men. Reversible scarves are those that contain two different colors on either side of the scarf. Most often, both these colors are complimentary and are designed with different combinations. While some contain a plain design on the front and a patterned shade on the back, others are designed with two entirely different forms of fabric.

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To wear a silk scarf, set out the clothes with which to wear the scarf. Styling a scarf for a casual ensemble is altogether different from wearing one for a formal evening. Drape the scarf around your neck. Let it hang evenly down your chest. Tie the scarf to tuck into an overcoat if you are wearing the scarf as a cold weather outerwear accessory. Hold each end of the scarf in one hand. Cross one side over the other. Bring that end under, then up through the loop you just created, to tie the scarf. Pull both ends gently to tighten it until it obscures your collar and tie. Tuck it into your overcoat. Leave the scarf hanging around your neck openly for a classic, formal style. Let the ends fall evenly on your chest over a buttoned tuxedo jacket or blazer. Or let the scarf hang around your neck openly under your jacket for a contemporary, less formal look. Though the look is less formal, it doesn’t mean the event you’re attending is casual. By wearing the scarf partially under the jacket, only part of the scarf is visible. This gives the impression that the ensemble is more laid-back than standard formal wear. Tie the scarf loosely, for a relaxed semi-formal or casual ensemble. Cross one end over the other. Bring that end under and then up through the loop you just created. Pull both ends gently to tighten the scarf. Leave your collar visible. Allow the scarf to rest in the middle of your chest over or under your vest, jacket or sweater. Finally, silk scarves for men can be worn to work, for business meetings, travel, special occasions or parties. They make excellent gifts for special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas. They also make great gifts to present to the bridegroom during a wedding get-together.