Signet Rings

Signet rings,or signature rings, are unisex rings engraved with symbols or initials of the wearer’s choice. These are rings which bear small signets or seals. Ring wearing became popular in the ancient Roman era, where rulers and wealthy citizens would often impress their signature symbol onto letters and decrees. Emperor Pompey’s had a lion with a sword, and Julius Caesar’s had an armed Venus, for example. These rings were both ornamental and practical — since Romans had no pockets, they could carry their official signature with them without having to take wax and a seal. Signet rings of today are worn by both men and women. Typically made of gold or silver, they often are incised with the family coat-of-arms. Many signet rings also bear fraternal lodge emblems or school symbols. Others are etched with the owner’s initials.

Signet rings commonly sport a coat of arms, created by intaglio engraving either in metal or semiprecious gems. The material often used is Agate. Banded or carnelian agate like sardonyx is especially used and the banding makes the impact opposed with the ground. Metal can also be cast in signet rings; these are cheaper but weaker. The most beautiful gold signet rings can be made using the highest quality metals available including platinum, yellow, white and rose gold. The use of these premium metals allow for highly intricate and detailed designs for your imprint and your personal design emblem can be chosen from a range of seals and hand made from scratch for both men’s and women’s signet rings. The wearing of these rings is a primitive tradition not only among European nobles but also to other cultures. The signet ring is normally worn on the small finger of the left or right hand. However, every country has various customs and traditions: Swiss nobleman wear it on their right hand ring finger while German and French noblemen wear it on their left hand ring finger. The signet ring can be worn facing toward or facing upward the palm. Facing toward the palm at times indicate the status of the person.

Several stores create these rings for commercial purposes. There are many stores, for instance, which create signet rings for colleges and universities. These are usually purchased by graduating students as a souvenir of their peers. There are even specialized signet rings which are exclusive to either men or women. While some couples buy signet rings as a sign of their romance, other people purchase them as a representation of their friendship. With countless jewelry stores in the market, signet rings are now made of and engraved with almost anything. Although gold and silver are the typical materials, there are signet rings made of gems and even diamonds. Customers can either choose among the ready-made selections of signet rings or have one made for them depending on their preferences.