Shrugs for Dresses

In simplest terms, shrugs are essentially cropped cardigans. They do differ, though, in that they are more cropped than the average cut-off cardigan. Their truncated design makes them especially perfect for wearing with dresses and skirts, but they’re versatile enough to pair with everything from lengthier tops and skinny jeans to lightweight tanks and flowing pants. They are available with both long and short sleeves, and are generally casual in design. There are, however, dressier shrugs designed to wear on evenings out, and these tend to exude an obvious sense of glamour through specific details or through the use of delicate materials, like silk and even feathers. For evenings out, you can use shrugs for dresses to enhance your wardrobe.

The Examples of Shrugs for Dresses

The versatile shrugs for dresses could be your smart and timeless addition to any well-rounded wardrobe. In addition to being functional pieces that perform well when the air gets a bit nippy, these toppers also present chic alternatives to basic cardigans, shawls and jackets.