Sexy One Piece Swimsuits

Sexy one piece swimsuits let women take to the waves.┬áBut being shy about your body doesn’t have to translate into a soggy style, as some one-piece swimsuits flirtatiously reveal flesh. In fact, the right one-piece can be even slinkier than even the most micro of tiny bikinis. One piece swimsuits have made a fashion-comeback, but not every style of one-piece suit is flattering on every body type.

Sexy Pin Up One Piece Swimsuit

Even though they were worn in the 1930s and 1940s, one-piece suits were still more common and still the stuff of the pin-up girl. The most famous pin-up of the 1940s was Betty Grable and iconic photo of her, shot from behind looking over her shoulder with a saucy smile, was carried by many of the American servicemen in World War II. She was wearing a bathing suit that might be considered tame today, but at the time was definitely an ultra-sexy one-piece swimsuit that she filled to perfection. Even when bikinis were taking over in the 1950s, Marilyn Monroe did a series of photo shoots wearing a white one-piece that made plenty of hearts thump. The suit showed off all of her assets to perfection and gave viewers a lot to think about.

Low Cut One Piece Swimsuit

Here’s another sexy one piece swimsuits; Low cut one piece. A suit like this can be sexy for all figures, but especially a plus-size figure because it enhances curves while minimizing extra flesh. If the torso is clad in a dark, shirred fabric, so much the better, because you look longer and leaner. A daring low halter cut shows off the bust but still allows you to move freely and enjoy yourself.

Padded One Piece Swimsuit

For women who are a little flat up-top or who just like to emphasize the breasts they’ve got, padded-top one piece swimsuits are a great option. If you’re a woman who enjoys showing off your sexier side, look for styles with a sexier design or cut. You should choose a padded-top one-piece only because you like the swimsuit itself, not just because it offers a extra fullness and support.

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Many sexy one piece swimsuits are much more comfortable than you might think. A word of caution though; sometimes bulges can be created outside the bathing suit if you’re not wearing the proper size, so be sure to try the suit on before you purchase it. Far from being boring and predictable, one piece suits are just as versatile and as any other swimwear. Now that you know the ins and outs of selecting the perfect one piece, feel free to get out there and enjoy one.