Septum Piercing

A septum piercing, commonly known as the “bull ring piercing,” is one of the most popular and common type of nose piercing among men and women today. In fact, it is the second most common piercing spots, right after ear piercing. Septum piercing basically refers to piercing of the nasal septum, which is a wall of bone and cartilage at middle of the nasal cavities. This septum piercing is usually performed using a regular piercing needle, a septum clamp might also be used. In case someone needs a larger hole, a scalpel might also be used that will help have a larger and thicker piece of jewelry pierced here. Usually, a ball closure ring or a septum keeper is recommend to be used as the first septum jewelry, which can be changed once the piercing heels completely.

You will find this piercing common in many different cultures across the globe that include Egypt, India, Nepal, Sikkim, Tibet, Panama, men in Turkana and Pokot, Kenya, as well as Matis tribe near the Brazilian border with Peru, and tribes of the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea. Many soldiers of different tribal societies borne the piercing at the time of their initiation. Once you decide to have a septum piercing, you are sure to be surprised about the huge variety of jewelry available for septum piercings. You have a choice in terms of the metal used to make this jewelry such as stainless steel, gold, silver, etc. Stainless steel is the most popular choice. One of the most popular septum piercing jewelry is the captive bead ring. And remember to get this piercing, for safety, do it with professional piercer and it’s also important to get some information about aftercare, what do’s or dont’s about your septum piercing.

For the process; before the area is pierced, the person doing the piercing will typically shave the area around that part of the nose and trim any visible nose hairs. The septum is usually cleaned with rubbing alcohol or some type of soap that will kill germs, and then the piercer typically marks the area to be pierced with a magic marker. After this, the piercing takes place. A clamp might be attached to the septum to help numb it and make it easier for the piercer to insert the needle. Needle insertion is normally done with either a gun or by hand. Remember that understanding the process and proper aftercare instructions is very important. The healing time will always depend on your skin type and how fast it has the ability to heal. With different types of jewelry options for septum piercing, no wonder the piercing is a hit.