Seersucker Suits for Men

Seersucker is one of those traditional suits that just never goes away.  Seersucker is extremely cool and breathable, which is why it’s often associated with summer and warm weather wear.  A lightweight and easily identifiable fabric, seersucker fabric is generally associated with men’s clothing, specifically men’s suits. Men’s seersucker suits are comfortable, breathable and imbued with Southern style. New Orleans suitmaker Joseph Haspel created the first classic seersucker suit in 1909. Although initially meant to have working-class appeal because of its low cost, the look quickly became popular with stylish southern gentleman from preppies to politicians. The suits lost a bit of their summer staple appeal in the 1950s when the emergence air conditioning made dressing for the weather less of a factor.

A seersucker suit can often be a eye-catching fashion statement. Some think of those who wear seersucker suits as snobs or arrogant. That being said, not every occasion is the right one for you to don your seersucker suit. It’s important to know when a seersucker suit is appropriate, and when it is not. Men can wear seersucker suits at informal social events where you want to make a lasting fashion impression. Seersucker suits can help you stand out in a positive way, when you properly coordinate color schemes. A traditional seersucker suit style with a white, collared shirt underneath is great for dinner parties and banquets. If you’re going for a semi-formal look with a seersucker suit, you can wear black or brown shoes, with matching belt. Then if you ask about can a man wear seersucker suit in wedding event? Well, here’s the answer, a  seersucker suit is appropriate only at weddings that take place between the end of May and the beginning of September, and even then the wedding must be a casual affair. It may take place in July, but a seersucker suit would not be appropriate at an evening wedding where formal dress is required of all guests. In parts of the southern United States, the seersucker suit is appropriate until the beginning of October, but it would be wise to consult your hosts before wearing seersucker to an event after Labor Day.

If you want to give your seersucker suit a more casual look, you may wear a sport or polo shirt underneath. The polo shirt can be white, or bright and colorful. You may also go for a more casual appearance by wearing a simple, white cotton T-shirt underneath your blazer. Seersucker suits are perfect for golf outings, or for a casual night out on the town. Avoid wearing seersucker suits at the office, especially if your company’s fashion culture is on the conservative side. A seersucker suit is best worn with an ironed, white, collared button-down shirt with either button or French cuffs. Ties are appropriate in solid, complementary colors, but avoid adding additional stripes to the mix. White bucks are the traditional shoe of choice with seersucker suits, but tasseled loafers provide a whimsical, retro touch. Match your socks to the color of either stripe in the suit’s fabric, or forgo socks entirely. You may add a straw boater or fedora, but beware as this touch can tip the seersucker suit from elegant to eccentric very quickly.