Rook Piercings

Getting the latest piercing has become all the rage lately. No longer are pierced ears reserved for ear lobes anymore. A Rook piercing is one the goes from the cartilage of the upper ear to just above the ear canal. Rook piercing is likely to be the most painful piercing among the assorted piercings. The rook piercing is comparatively less popular in demand unlike industrial piercing and is unfamiliar and won’t be widely seen. It’s hip, it’s cool and it’s a great way to add a little funk without doing something as drastic as piercing your lip or nose.

If you want to get a rook piercing, then you must know about the procedure first. An important step that one must take before getting this piercing done is to research well about the piercing studio as well as the piercer. Ask for references of people who have got their rook pierced from a particular piercer and opt for one only if he has a good record. Once you have decided on the piercer, you can move ahead with the piercing. When you reach the piercing studio on the appointed day, you will have to show an age proof and also will have to sign certain documents. Taking a friend or parent along with you will be a good idea. Before the piercer begins with the procedures, check whether he has taken a new needle or has soaked the needle well in the solution that kills bacteria. Also, ensure that the piercer wears gloves while piercing your rook. Apart from this, you should clear all the queries or doubts that you have in mind before the piercing is done.  The piercer will ask you to lie down, turning your head to one side according to the ear that you will like to pierce. First, the piercer will clean the ear completely and then pierce the rook with a hook shaped needle. He will puncture the cartilage from one side and take out the needle from the other side with the help of scissors. Once this is done, the jewelry that you have chosen will be inserted into the hole.

To care, you will need some things like cup, spoon, sea salt, water and cotton wool or gauze pads. For the steps, boil a cup of water and mix with 1/8 teaspoon of sea salt. Leave the sea salt solution until it is cool enough to touch. It should still be warm when you apply it to the piercing. Wash your hands thoroughly, then dip a small piece of cotton wool or gauze pad in the salt water solution. Soak the piercing and gently wipe off any blood or puss which may have leaked from the area. Repeat three to five times a day until the piercing has fully healed. If you have any other piercings, treat them the same as this one, but remember that cartilage takes a few weeks longer to heal. For consideration about this type of ear piercing is a rook piercing can take up to a year (in some cases) to heal, depending on how the body handles it. It is important to constantly turn the piercing gently while in the shower, to avoid it from causing extra friction between your skin and piercing. This is done during the first couple of months from the day of the piercing. So, before you decide to get one, you really need to dig some information about rook piercing through internet or ask the professional piercer. And again, if pain pursues for many weeks, consult your piercer immediately for relief suggestions. Even signs like redness or extra pus formation should be discussed. Good luck!