Ron Burgundy Costume

Looking for an easy costume for Halloween?then if you are a male, you definitely can go with Ron Burgundy costume. Ron Burgundy, A.K.A. “the balls”, the mean jazz flute player, the ladies man who uses his guns to woo women, the man who owns an apartment that smells like a rich mahogany, Baxter’s best friend; and last but not the least, the legendary anchorman. the film is a comedy filmed in 2004 directed by Adam McKay and starring Will Ferrell. It focuses on the emergence of the typical news format that began in the 1970s, particularly the new Action News format. It documents a San Diego TV station where Will Ferrell’s character Ron Burgundy, is the “Anchorman” newsreader for the station. To achieve Ron Burgundy look, you will need things like wigs, mustache, sunglasses, and colored suit!

Dress up as Ron Burgundy by wearing a brightly colored suit in blue or burgundy, with ugly striped tie, and white shirt. Wear a fake mustache (The most fitting moustache within out facial hair range is 70?s moustache in brown) and aviator sunglasses. For the wigs;  full and think buffoon makes Ron Burgundy stand out and a wig is essential to get the right look. You can go with wig in brown, which is very similar to the style of that of Ron Burgundy. Rock your Halloween with Ron Burgundy costume, Yeah!

To purchase Ron Burgundy costume, you can visit Or for any 70’s leisure suit would definitely do the trick! You can even try your local thrift stores or even costume shops. I am sure anyone in the costume shop could point you in the right direction. Good Luck!