Rimless Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses can prove fashionable as well as functional and are available in three basic looks; fully rimmed, semi-rimless and rimless. For those of you who want to wear simple but trendy eyeglasses, then rimless eyeglasses can be your best choice. Rimless glasses are worn by both men and women. Unlike other styles, which have a frame around both lenses, rimless glasses have what appear to be free-floating lenses, attached only to the temples and nosepiece.

Pesaro – Black

Cornwall – Silver/Blue

Rimless eyeglasses feature lenses with no rim. The lenses are joined by the nose bridge only, which is attached to the inside the lenses with small screws. The earpieces are also attached to the lenses with small screws. These glasses are a good option for people who do not like the typical appearance of eyeglasses. Their simplicity keeps rimless glasses in style throughout the years, and appropriate in a variety of settings. But If you like the simplicity and look of rimless eyeglasses but can’t find a style that suits you, consider semi-rimless eyeglasses. Some have a frame across the top of the lenses, others use a frame along the bottom of the lenses. Semi-rimless glasses, too, can be customized based on lens shape and earpiece style. The rim can be as bold or simple as you choose, and it should reflect your own style and preferences. Semi-rimless eyeglasses tend to offer an excellent balance between weight and durability.

Halo – Black

Gaby – Black

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Finding the rimless eyeglasses with a proper fit probably need a few things to keep in mind. A pair of rimless glass should be wide enough for your face. The arms, also known as the temples, that rest on your ears, should neither touch your face nor leave too much space between your head and the temple. Then, you also need to consider how long the temples are and where they hit on your ear. The temples should hug your ear without any pushing or discomfort. Temples that are too short can dig into your ear. While some aspects of fit will mean choosing a different pair of rimless glasses, some fit parameters can be adjusted. This includes the curve of the temples and the location and pinch of the nosepiece. You or your eye doctor can move or bend these parts of the rimless glasses until they fit properly.R imless glasses are a great way to feel and look like you aren’t wearing eyeglasses at all. They are lightweight, versatile, and can fit any budget.