Reem Acra Wedding Dresses

You’ve dreamt about walking down that aisle since you were a little girl, and now the big day is approaching. For your perfect wedding day, you need a perfect wedding dress too. Some great and stunning dresses are plenty at boutique, or online stores. But, if you decide to purchase your wedding dress from designer, then Reem Acra wedding dress would be your best option. Acra launched her fashion business in 1997 with a bridal collection that quickly became recognized for its elegance and impeccable designs. This success led to the introduction of the Reem Acra ready-to-wear collection six years later. Similar to its bridal counterpart, it features meticulously constructed designs ranging from understated chic to the ornate. It is distinctly modern but marked by rich color, lush fabrics, flawless construction and playful patterns. Acra’s ready-to-wear and bridal collections are carried by 150 of the world’s most exclusive retailers. Also, Reem Acra wedding dress has became a global icon of style for weddings, red carpet appearances and awards ceremonies. Knowing this facts, you certainly would not doubt it, right?

Let us check some example pictures of Reem Acra wedding dress below.

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