Redhead Makeup

Redheads are all about color and after all, such vibrant hair can’t be left to act alone, so coordinating the colors of the rest of your look is very important. Makeup for redheads can be spicy and sultry or ladylike and classic. With such a vibrant hair color, redheads can throw caution to the wind and dapple in some of the boldest of reds and the deepest of brown hues without taking away from their unique and fiery locks.

Makeup for redheads; true red haired, start with a base foundation, if you have a tanned skin, then go in for a color blending foundation or else, stick to the yellow tinted moisturizer. Then, brush your skin with a dusty rose shade, or apricot shade for a chic look. Define your eyes with a chocolate or a black eyeliner, with rustic hues for eye shadow. Try the ultimate smoky look with charcoal gray tones or experiment with dark chocolate browns to add a dramatic effect to your overall look. For lips, cherry reds, blood reds, poppy red, rouge; try them all. It will definitely go well with your hair color. If you choose purple, then you can incorporate a magical and mysterious look into your makeup routine by simply blending a smoky purple eye with a sheer pink glossy lip gloss and black eyeliner. This bohemian look is right on trend when paired with suede boots and headbands or long maxi dresses and gladiator sandals.

And how about green? It’s okay with green. Show your green pride with a revitalizing and earthy color palette. Green eye shadow and eyeliners really play up redheads, while keeping the look cool and pretty. Many redheads have green or blue eyes, so it’s no wonder this nature inspired color pairs effortlessly with crimson hues. Whether you rock a chartreuse green eye shadow with an organic cotton dress or pair an emerald green eye shadow with a pair of distressed denim, green cosmetics are sure to flatter. Makeup for redheads also can be more fantastic with orange cosmetic colors. In fact, orange is one of the best colors for a redhead as it looks very natural. In addition, make sure to wear a light foundation and remember that fake tanned color will appear very unnatural. Go ahead and flaunt your extreme color with vivid and rich hues, or go soft and ethereal with shimmering opalescent color. Have fun dolling up!