Rain Ponchos

Most people want to be prepared for rain when traveling, and the best way to plan for this is to carry rain ponchos with you. A rain poncho allows you freedom to move while covering most of your body. Rain ponchos are sleeveless raincoats that drape over the body and often have a hood. They may be made of heavyweight nylon for durable garments, or lightweight plastic for cheap, temporary coverings, and may be clear or colored.

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A rain poncho is made of a number different types of materials. Each of these materials has its advantages and disadvantages. Some of the most popular materials include vinyl and nylon. Rain ponchos made from these materials are not only waterproof, but also very lightweight. There are also the rain ponchos made of the petroleum derivatives like the PVC. These ponchos are not considered to be environment friendly since these either do not decompose or these decompose after a long period of time using all sorts of chemical processes. There are further variants of these rain ponchos. These can either be degradable or bio degradable.  The rain ponchos do not allow the water to pass through. These are water resistant as well as thermal insulators. Most of these come with a hood attached to cover your head as well. These can be made both for the males or females. These can also have some important features like the styles and the cuts to make these look more stylish. There are used as a utility item for wearing during the rainy season and also promotional products used for the advertising purposes by the organization. These can even be printed with the logo and name of the company to make these branded products. These ponchos are either stiched or these are sealed by heat.

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A more durable rain poncho may be the best option for those planning to reuse the garment in the future. A reusable rain poncho, like the type issued by the military, is often made from a durable material, such as canvas. This material is usually covered or treated with a waterproof compound. When you decide which rain poncho fits your lifestyle and budget, find ponchos in your price range online. Federal regulations require ponchos be fire-retardant if they are made of PVC or vinyl. For PE or polyethylene. there are no regulations, because most of the time they are for single use. PVC ponchos are more expensive but made for multiple use. Decide if you need a poncho for emergency use or if you will be using it for days at a time. There is also a third choice of nylon, which does not need federal regulation and is moderately expensive.