Qipao Dresses

The most traditional dress for women within the Chinese culture is the Qipao. Qipao dresses also known as cheongsam dress. Qipao is a one-piece fitted dress traditionally worn by upper class and wealthy Chinese women. The original qipao was loose with a hem trimmed with lace or other elegant detail; yet the modern-day version is sleek and flattering to a woman’s figure. Though the style has changed over the centuries, the long slits from the hem’s base remain a way for women to subtly show off their bodies.  To this day, this type of dress is strongly associated with China. Many Chinese women choose the qipao for their wedding dress.The patterns and colors that can appear on the dress today can be breathtaking. With a wide array of cuts and styles available, anyone can comfortably wear one of these beautiful dresses for any occasion.

The qipao is not only exotic, but it is versatile. The dress can be long or short and embellished to fit into various settings, from casual to formal. Several different types of qipaos exist to flatter women of all shapes and sizes. Qipaos with shorter collars are designed to elongate shorter necks, and qipaos with three-quarter sleeves are designed to hide flesh in the upper arms. Qipao separates are also available for women who prefer two-piece garments. The modern qipao is quite different from the original, in that it is now a fitted and figure-flattering garment. It has a defined mandarin collar, usually ranging in height from 2 to 3 inches. The edges of the collar are slightly rounded, and meet at the front of the neck with a slight “V” opening. The higher collar is tight fitting and designed to enhance the neck of the woman wearing it, making her neck appear more slender and long.

Floral Mini-length Chinese Qi Pao

Red Floral Chinese Qi Pao

Casual Chinese Qi Pao
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Qipaos are worn not only by the average Chinese person but also by influential people on special occasions. In addition, qipaos have become a source of inspiration for renowned fashion designers. Versace and Ralph Lauren have both cited elements of the qipao in their designs.