Purple Eyeshadow

Eye makeup is an important aspect of makeup. Eyeshadow is nothing but a cosmetic which is applied on the eyelid and sometimes under the eyebrows. The reason why eyeshadow is applied is because it adds a kind of depth to the eye, giving it a dimension. With the advent of the makeup palette, there is seemingly no limit to how many versions of an eyeshadow color you can mix and match on your lids. Purple is a color much beloved for its insinuation of passion and royalty, yet it has to be applied the right way to make your eyes look either sweet or striking. Purple eyeshadow can have a dramatically positive effect on green or brown eyes especially. If you have blue eyes, you might find that violet shades do not provide enough contrast since blues and purples lay close together on the color wheel.

If you want to try a purple eyeshadow for your eye makeup, choose a more subtle purple if you prefer to not to start off quite so bold. Mauve is most certainly in the purple family, but not as striking as lavender or deep purple and suits just about every skin tone. Complement your new soft purple eyeshadow by wearing an undercoat of silver applied from the lash line to the brow ridge. Then thoroughly blend the mauve from your lash line to the crease. For a day time, peachy pink is a universally flattering blush and lip color and works well with our hue d’jour. Nude works too. For evening, a spicy blush or bronzer with gold flecks will illuminate the face and bring the purple into present day. If you’re going with purple eyes and bronzed cheeks, the best lip is a pinky nude.

And for examples of purple eyeshadow, let’s take a looks some pictures below :