Puffer Vests

Winter is coming! Then you need some good winter outfits to keep you always feel warm. And well, so many options for you to go. And puffer vest is one of the best option for you. What is puffer vest?Puffer vests are popular to wear in the cold weather or just as the seasons start to change when a jacket is too heavy. Some are made for the very cold weather, while others are suitable for warmer temperatures. The insides are usually polyester, nylon or down. The outside has a quilted, puffy appearance to it, and it closes by a zipper. In some cases, the vest will also be waterproof.

Puffer vests have become a winter weekend wear uniform. Puffer vest is also a great way to bring some style to your regular outfits. Available in a variety of colors and materials, puffer vests are designed to be warm, and are often water resistant. Puffer vests are in style and though they are sleeveless and it may defeat the purpose of staying warm but you can always wear it under a coat. Layered your puffer vests to feel stylish and warm all winter long. These uffer vests can be worn by women and men.

Puffer Vest Products

Puffer Vests for Women

Juicy Couture Faux Fur Puffer Vest

Christin Michaels Coriann Puffer Vest

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Puffer Vests for Men

Fair Isle Puffer Vest

Hooded Puffer Vest

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