Prom Makeup Ideas

Preparing for prom is the most exciting time in a teenage girl’s life. Though preparing for prom can be a little daunting, dressing up for the occasion is the most fun part of it all! Selecting prom dresses, shoes, accessories etc.  And creating that perfect look for your fun night of dancing is a dream come true for every girl. The easiest and most fun way to stand out is, by being a little creative with your makeup.

You don’t have to run to a makeup artist or stylist for hair and makeup ideas for prom. Instead, you can achieve that perfect look by getting basic know how and some creative prom makeup ideas for teenagers. Mentioned below are some such useful prom makeup ideas for you, so take a look!

Smoky Eye Look

Smoky eyes means an intense focus on the eyes, paired with a nude lip. With this look, there’s much talk about having a base shadow or a highlighter shade. With the base shadow, you’ll want to apply this color first before you apply the liner or the contour shade. A highlighter shade is optional, but it really isn’t necessary, so feel free to skip it. As always, prep the face first, and cover up any outstanding blemishes. Gather your eye shadows and liners because you’ll be using a combination of both. Apply the eyeliner. Reach for one that is dark and smoky, like black, charcoal grey, deep purple, deep blue or forest green, but remember to choose the colors which goes best with your skin tone. Make sure that the liner goes with or is in the same family as the eyeshadow you’ll be applying. Completely rim the eyes with the liner. Apply the shadow by going up to the crease of the eye (but not above it!). Blend completely. Finish with a few coats of mascara.

Elegant Makeup

To achieve an elegant look, you’ll want to go for a beautiful matte finish.  For foundation; the night of your prom, apply a thin layer of your normal moisturizer to your face and allow it to soak in for about ten minutes before applying your makeup. Cover up any red areas (blemishes or red pigmentation in skin) with green concealer and dark circles with yellow concealer. Allow to set and then apply foundation on top, making sure all green and yellow is covered and all skin is completely covered and uniform. Allow to dry for ten to fifteen minutes. The base is one of the most important elements in makeup. For eyes; long, sweeping lashes and neutral shadows help achieve a simple, but beautiful look. Younger girls can get by with wearing shimmering shadows, so the range of colors is limitless. Some colors that are traditional and go well with almost any eye color or dress color are taupe, pale pink and light grey. Eyeliner should be kept neutral and thin and mascara should be brown or black and highlight the lashes but not create a clumpy, flaky mess. Using your normal mascara that you know works well is probably your best bet here. For lips: probably one of the most elegant looks is a neutral color in a plain lipstick.  Once all makeup is applied, set with a loose, sheer powder. This will help the makeup look perfect long into the night and seal your elegant look for the night. Achieving an elegant prom look is a lot easier than it might sound. A little bit of pre-planning goes a long way.

Romantic Makeup

Another prom makeup ideas; Romantic makeup. If your dress is very feminine, has ruffles or lace, or is a floral or other pretty print, a romantic makeup look can work for you. To create a sweet, romantic style, use soft pink shades of lipstick and blush that work with your skin tone. A little shimmer or sparkle can add to this pretty look, but don’t use glitter in all your makeup – just choose one feature to sparkle. Use pastel eye shadows in neutral colors or shades that complement (but don’t match perfectly) with your dress. Line your eyes with a brown, grey, or other medium liner to help them stand out, and finish with curled lashes and mascara. A few individual false eyelashes placed at the corner of the eyes will give you a wide-eyed look.

 Funky Makeup

A funky and colorful makeup look appeals to many girls on prom night because it is a chance to step outside the box and have some fun with your makeup. To make the most of a look that utilizes color and is a little bit different, choose which feature you want to play up. It can be your great cheekbones, stunning eyes, or luscious lips. For eyes: Play with colored eye liner or high-intensity pigments. Aqua, green, purple, and gold are great colors for a special evening. You can also try using a trio of bright or unique colors for a special eye effect. Alternately, you could line the upper and lower eye with two different colors for an instantly original look. For lips: A bright, bold or unique color can be fun on prom. Just be sure the color you choose complements you skin, hair, and dress color. A raisin, plum, or purple-tinged shade can look dramatic with a dark dress, while a pretty coral will work well with a brighter dress and look flirty and feminine.

You can almost go ranting about makeup ideas for prom endlessly! But these were the general guidelines about some sizzling prom makeup ideas. Be yourself, let your hair down and you need not be too conscious about your outfit or makeup. Just relax and have the time of your life! Cheers!