Preppy Outfits for Women

Preppy fashion first surfaced in the 1950s as an unofficial uniform worn by Ivy League students. The fashion trend reached its heyday in the late 1970s and early 1980s thanks to books meant to poke fun at the trend that instead made it a cultural icon. The trend has never really gone away, although it went underground for a time during the grunge rock period of the 1990s. The look of preppy fashion is stronger than ever and shows no signs of slowing down. Preppy clothing has returned as a popular fashion statement in the past few years and shows no signs of abating. Not just worn by men, preppy outfits also can worn by women. Think Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl or Charlotte York from Sex and the City for inspiration of women’s preppy look. Preppy outfits for women can be defined by the word “classy”.

Typical clothing preferred by preppy women includes Bermuda shorts, blazers, chinos or khakis and ballet flats. Women can also wear polo shirts, sweaters, and vests, but they’re typically paired with pleated skirts and stockings. Sometimes, women wear khaki pants, and jeans, as long as they fit well, and aren’t too tight or attention-getting.  For preppy outfits, women’s skirts and dresses are what make up most of the wardrobe.  Alternatively, preppy women often wear cotton or linen dresses. Footwear primarily consists of simple flats, low heels, or loafers.

Preppy women even use ties as part of their clothing accessories. Other accessories include tote bags, headbands and ribbon or madras belts. Another key of preppy outfits for women is to avoid over-accessorizing. A basic simple designer handbag, scarf, and a piece of fine jewelry are the only types of items typically worn. For women, preppy  fashion dictates a preference for skirts and dresses over pants and other masculine clothing items. Conservative, classic and clean cut, these are the three C’s that are synonymous with this fashion trend.