Preppy Clothes for Men

If you are a man who have a future plan that want to focused on going to an Ivy League school and a career in politics, then the perfect style for you is preppy fashion.  So many clothes come to mind when one thinks of preppy clothes for men.


There are the sweaters tied loosely around the shoulders; the brightly colored polo shirts; and the always-reliable khaki shorts, to name but a few. Of course, there’s more to this year-round style of dressing than a handful of shorts and shirts. The look enjoys updates from season to season, incorporating trends from time to time while remaining true to its inherent penchant for timelessness. Defining preppy fashion sometimes can be difficult. It is all in choosing the right clothing, brands and accessories. For ease, here are some essentials of a preppy clothes for men.

  1. Buy polo and button down shirts from Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, J.Crew, McLaughlin or Brooks Brothers. Select several shirts in white and several in bright colors such as yellow, lime green, light blue or even pink. Wear your collars up, always. Select two or three ties in the same colors.
  2. Chinos, Khakis and Bermuda shorts are a must-have for any guy who dresses in preppy clothes. Khaki pants are equivalent to jeans in a preppy wardrobe, but lately jeans is also being accepted but remember that your jeans cannot be the loose, ill fitting, acid washed variety. In fact they need to be in plain colors, neat, ironed and teamed with buttoned shirts.
  3. Another fashion clothing item that is synonymous with the style is a vest, the kind that cricketers wear. If you need a jacket or a blazer, then stick to the one that is navy blue in color. In summers, the jacket should be made of a material like seersucker and in the winters, you could opt for either tweed or corduroy.
  4. Options for footwear include moccasins made of leather, boat shoes and leather flip flops.
  5. No preppy guy is complete without a few great accessories. The jewelry needs to be kept to an absolute minimum. A plain silver chain will do the trick and even a beaded necklace can be pulled off, as long as it is subtle. Jewelry is best left to the ladies, according to the preppy culture. A great pair of sunglasses or a man-bag is perfectly acceptable though. Ray-Ban Wayfarers are popular with the preppy crowd as are Gucci and Louis Vuitton sunglasses. All are rather expensive, but they are worth the investment as long as you know how to hold onto your shades. As for the Man-bag a great messenger bag in brown leather is a perfect way for a prepster male to carry his goods. Don’t be afraid of the bag, just make sure you are buying a men’s bag. L.L. Bean and J. Crew both carry good bags for men and they are very masculine and timeless.


The Preppy Styles for Men

These were are some points of preppy clothes for men. For you a guy who want to be a preppy guy you definitely need to consider some points above.  But the most important thing to remember about preppy fashion is that the style is brand conscious. You may never be able to get the style quite right without being a regular at these fashion portals. But if you like the style but do not have those deep pockets, then you could always buy a few basics and then team the rest with clothes that you can either make yourself or shop at second hand stores, that could have some great deals. While it may seem like this style is conformist and makes you feel like a clone, you could always individualize the look by smart thinking and creativity. Being a preppy guy starts with strategically wearing certain brands of clothing and continues with certain lifestyle decisions.